Reduce the cost and complexity of your IoT transition

The Onion Omega2S module gives you the reliable, drop-in hardware you need to successfully and quickly complete your IoT project

Onion Omega2S IoT computer module

We help our customers make ...

connected point of sales representation

Connected Point of Sales

smart audio system representation

Smart Audio Systems

security and alarm system representation

Security & Alarm System

monitoring and data telemetry representation

Monitoring & Telemetry

Making the transition to the connected world of IoT can be difficult and costly

A single developer taking on the IoT transition at your company

With the Omega2S, you don't have to be an industry giant to move into IoT

Reliable hardware. Built-in networking. Built-in Linux OS. Pre-certified.
Powered by the MediaTek MT7688 SoC

Reduce your development costs

Do with a few engineers what used to take a whole team

screenshot of a command line prompt showing a linux operating system

Linux Operating System

Stand on the shoulders of giants. Build your application on the rock-solid foundation of the OpenWRT Linux operating system

  • No external storage required
  • Build on top of existing software packages
  • Easy installs and updates with package manager

Network Stack

Spend less time worrying about being connected, and more time on your business logic

  • Built-in WiFi radio.
  • Ethernet support
  • Full Linux network and cryptography stack
a group of interconnected network of computers and devices
stylized code editor with Python, NodeJS, PHP, and GoLang logos

Modern Programming Languages

Have the perfect, time-saving language in mind? Use it on the Omega2.

  • Python3
  • NodeJS
  • PHP
  • GoLang
  • Rust
  • C++
  • C
  • And more

Get to market faster

We've done the work to make it easy for you. Develop your product and get to market quickly and with no speed-bumps

screenshots of reference circuit schematic and PCB board layout
Reference Designs
Use our open source reference designs to get your project off the ground quickly
screenshots of the Omega2S EC and ISED radio certifications
Certified with FCC, EC, ISED, RoHS, and more. Makes your end-device certification much smoother and cheaper
screenshots of the Omega2 online documentation
Extensive documentation, reference schematics, application notes, and more
screenshots of the onion community forum
Thousands of active users who share their experience and wisdom on a daily basis

Ready to start your IoT transition?

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